About Matt Beedle

Matthew Beedle

Originally from London, UK, Matt has lived in South of France, Barcelona and for the last 5 years settled in Berlin. Matt is currently working on a secret new startup. When he's not doing that, he's blogging, hacking on open source, building new products (like Vegan.io) and learning new things. He has proficiency in Java, PHP, Ruby and Javascript (Ruby and Javascript preferred of course, please don't ask him to do PHP!), but also has knowledge of C, Python, Io, Scala and Go. You can check out his open source report card here. His last successful startup was 1000jobboersen.de which reached 150+ employees at one point and is still going now after he left.

Matt used to have a pretty, bad-ass and eye-candy bloated curriculum here, but, well, there are too many places to update. So, check his Linkedin Profile or his Github Resume. You can also send him an email or a ping at twitter.